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Algebra Readiness (2019 Spring)

Course NameGradesStart Date
End Date
DayStart Time
End Time
Algebra Readiness5 & Up2019-01-13
Sunday4:00 PM
5:00 PM

Description: In the Algebra Readiness course, students in 5th, 6th and 7th grade will learn how to master problem solving techniques in order to place into advanced math classes while in middle school. This will allow them to save at least one to two years of math requirements that will help them to get into higher level math courses earlier (such as Calculus AB or BC) by the time they enter into high school. Students will benefit from taking both the Winter Term and Spring Term courses leading up to the time when they will need to take the Algebra Readiness math placement test in school.

This course includes 1.5-hour online course and homework, and one-hour onsite instruction at MiT school weekly. The students are required to finish watching online course and the homework before meeting with the instructor on Sunday.

Fall term will cover the following 14 topics:

1. Expressions and Basic Operations
2. Operations with Integers
3. Problem Solving with Integer Operations
4. Fraction Basics and Simplifying; Integer Factors
5. Operations with Fractions; Integer Multiples
6. Problem Solving with Fractions
7. Operations with Decimals
8. Converting Fractions and Decimals
9. Problem Solving with Decimals
10. Ratios and Rates with Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
11. Proportions
12. Problem Solving with Ratios
13. Percents
14. Problem Solving with Percents

Spring term will cover the following topics:

1. Direct Relationships
2. Problem Solving Direct Relationships and Proportions
3. Rates
4. Problem Solving with Rates
5. Exponents
6. Problem Solving with Exponents
7. Square Roots
8. Problem Solving with Square Roots
9. Expressions and Equations with Exponents
10. Problem Solving with Exponents
11. The Number Line

Location: MiT School
Instructor(s): Zhikui Ren, Weishan Xia

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