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MATH CHALLENGE I-B (2019 Spring)

Course NameGradesStart Date
End Date
DayStart Time
End Time
MATH CHALLENGE I-B6 & Up2019-01-13
Sunday6:00 PM
7:00 PM

Description: Both A & B classes cover four aspects with different depth: Pre-Algebra and Word Problems, covering Geometry, covering Counting & Probability, covering Number Theory. There is placement test for the students to decide which level is right for him or her.

Math Challenge 1-B

Students learn math skills at a deeper level with topics in beginning algebra, fundamental geometry, basic number theory, and counting strategies. The students not only learn practical skills of challenging problem solving that are supplemental to their school curricula, but also develop skills in creative thinking, logical reasoning, oral and written presentation, and team work. This course helps 6th to 8th graders to participate in the American Mathematics Competition (AMC) 8, MathCounts and Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middle School MOEMS. Through the effective guidance and direction by our experienced teachers, students develop strong problem solving skills that make them perform well in those contests.

Fall term will focus on Pre-Algebra and Word Problems and part of Geometry:

Pre-Algebra & Work Problems

1. Ratios and Proportions
2. Ratios, Proportions, and Percentages
3. Sums, Differences, and Multiples
4. Chickens and Rabbits
5. Chicken and Rabbits & Mixing
6. Motion
7. Motion
8. Work
9. Work


10. Counting Through Patterns
11. Problem Solving with Measurements
12. Dance with Angles
13. Magic In Triangles
14. You Are Special, Right?

Spring term will continue working on Geometry, then Counting & Probability:


1. Angles Are Special Too
2. Area of Polygons
3. Cool Areas
4. Circle Around

Counting & Probability

5. The Sum Rule: An Introduction to Counting
6. The Product Rule
7. Does Order Matter? Permutations and Combinations
8. Counting Strategies: Grouping and Spacing
9. Counting Strategies: Stars and Bars
10. Venn Diagrams and Sets
11. Patterns and Sequences

Location: MiT School
Instructor(s): Zhikui Ren, Weishan Xia

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