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MATH CHALLENGE I-C (2019 Spring)

Course NameGradesStart Date
End Date
DayStart Time
End Time
MATH CHALLENGE I-C7 & Up2019-01-13
Sunday7:00 PM
8:00 PM

Description: This four part course is designed to bridge the gap between the AMC 8 and the AMC 10 and prepare students for high school math competitions including the AMC 10/12, ARML, and ZIML. The course covers topics and introductory problem solving in algebra, geometry, and finite math. Algebraic topics include linear equations, systems of equations and inequalities, exponents and radicals, factoring polynomials, and solving quadratic equations. Geometric topics include angles in triangles, quadrilaterals, and polygons, congruent and similar polygons, calculating area, and algebraic geometry. Topics in finite math include logic, introductory number theory, and an introduction to probability and statistics. These topics serve as the fundamental knowledge needed for a more advanced problem solving course such as Math Challenge II-A.

Math Challenge 1-C

This course includes 1.5-hour online course and homework, and one-hour onsite instruction at MiT school weekly. The students are required to finish watching online course and the homework before meeting with the instructor on Sunday.

Fall term will focus on Pre-Algebra and Word Problems and part of Geometry:


1. Introduction to Algebra and Solving Equations
2. Solving Inequalities
3. Absolute Values
4. Intro to Functions and Linear Functions
5. Problem Solving with Linear Functions
6. Systems of Linear Equations
7. Problem Solving with Systems of Equations
8. Exponents and Radicals
9. Problem Solving with Exponents and Radicals
10. Polynomials and Factoring
11. Factoring Formulas and Patterns
12. Quadratic Formula and Discriminant
13. Problem Solving with Quadratics
14. Exponential and Radical Functions

Spring term will continue working on Algebra, then Geometry:


1. Modeling and Problem Solving with Functions
2. Solving Equations with Square Roots
3. Rational Expressions and Polynomial Long Division
4. Solving Rational Equations


5. Parallel Lines and Into to Coordinates
6. Measurements: Areas and Lengths
7. Congruent and Similar Triangles
8. Right Triangles and Basic Trigonometry
9. Angles and Areas with Polygons
10. Circles
11. Intro to 3-D Geometry

Finite Math

12. Numbers, Place Values, and Divisibility
13. Primes, Factors, and Multiples
14. Remainders and Modular Arithmetic
15. Sequences And Series
16. Recursive Sequences
17. Factorials, Permutations, and Combinations
18. Sets and Functions
19. Bijections and Stars and Bars
20. Probability

Location: MiT School
Instructor(s): Zhikui Ren, Weishan Xia

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