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Middle School Public Speech 2 (2019 Fall)

Course NameGradesStart Date
End Date
DayStart Time
End Time
Public Speech 26 - 82019-09-14
Saturday4:00 PM
5:00 PM

Description: This course is for middle school students who have completed a single summer or regular term course with Mr. Winger. Students will dig deeper into the skill of public speaking with a focus on story-telling, feedback, and the art of persuasion - all critical communication skills in today's business world. New topics will be introduced including speech writing and transitions while further instruction will be given on the difficult skill of listening.

Students will also spend more time discovering their own speaking strengths and weaknesses while learning ways to mitigate the latter and enhance the former.

Students are expected to prepare a speech in advance of each class then deliver it during class time. Personalized coaching will be given during every session. Students should come to the first class with a speech spiral notebook and pen or pencil.

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Location: MiT School
Instructor(s): Eric Winger

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