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Ahnaf Chowdhury

Introduction: Ahnaf Chowdhury is currently a High School student at School of Science and Technology, Beaverton School District, Beaverton. During taking AP computer Science courses at SST Ahnaf learnt Python and Java programming. He loves programming and has started a computer coding club at Cedar Park Middle School early this year. From this experience he thought it would be nice to teach Python programming for the middle school students during this summer at MiT School.

Besides programming, Ahnaf is a volunteer staff at American Red Cross where he helps organizing community based blood drives. He is also a volunteer staff at Kaiser Permanente West side Hospital. Ahnaf loves teaching kids and volunteering for humanity. Ahnaf is also a Junior resident writer of Cedar Mill Living Magazine, a local community based magazine on Art, Science and Sports.

Limei Huang

Education: M.A. Early Childhood Education

Teaching Course(s):
After-School Program

Coding with Kids

Introduction: In December 2013, Coding with Kids founders Marek Brejl and Jitka Brejlova volunteered to run the "Hour of Code" at their children's local schools in Redmond, Washington. Going from classroom to classroom, they enjoyed coding with over three hundred 4th and 5th graders throughout the Computer Science Education Week.

What followed was a humbling validation of Marek's vision for an after-school coding academy. Over 200 thank you cards were received from the kids with requests to come back soon. By the end of the week, over 80 kids were registered for future after-school classes. Coding with Kids was born.

In early 2014, Coding with Kids founders set up first after-school coding clubs at their children's schools. Fast forward five years and hundreds of Coding with Kids instructors are bringing awesome tech experiences to thousands of aspiring coders around the US, both in person and through live online classes.

Break the Norm Leadership

Introduction: Welcome to Break the Norm Leadership! This is Rachel Saathoff and I am a certified John Maxwell Coach that primarily focuses on developing strength-based leaders because I believe "everything rises and falls on leadership." I work with business leaders and teams to "Break the Norm" of what it means to be a traditional leader.

After graduating from The Art Institute of Portland with a Bachelor's degree in Advertising, I started my first company called Green Card Design. I led and managed a graphic arts team working with companies to establish their brand identity. This experience solidified my passion and skills to be an entrepreneur.

Pursing my desire to be entrepreneur, I started a Mary Kay business, became a Sales Director and earned my first career car in a year. My favorite thing about this experience was learning I had a passion for helping people build their businesses and develop leadership skills to make them successful. While in Mary Kay, I attended a workshop taught by a business coach and wondered how I could get his job. I saw his position as an opportunity to blend my natural entrepreneurial abilities with my passion for leadership development. I took the steps to become a Certified John Maxwell Coach because of John's proven leadership philosophies and abilities to teach leadership globally.

During my free time you will find me coaching youth soccer, visiting fun new places and embarking on "tell mom later" adventures.

I look forward to working with you to accomplish your goals and dreams. Let's "Break the Norm" together.

TGA Sports

Introduction: TGA Premier Sports combines athletics, academics, and life lessons to create fun and engaging youth programs. We incorporate station-based athletic skill development activities, STEAM Labs to explore educational concepts through sports, and key life lessons including teamwork, sportsmanship, perseverance, and leadership.

Ali Wayne

Introduction: Ali Wayne is a career teacher who works with people of all ages to continue to learn and grow. With a start and extensive experience in early childhood education (ECE), her focus had been in helping people to reach their potential with continued education and support.

Ali believes that all children deserve the same opportunities to educate themselves and grow. The world depends on the generations of people younger than us. If we ignore them, they too will ignore us. If we teach them, they will learn to do better for themselves and the world around them.

Ali has worked in the ECE field collectively for 23 years. She brings with her the experiences of working with large corporations, non-profit childcare, and both public and private school systems. She uses this knowledge and experience to enhance the MiT schools education system and programs.

While Ali has received certificates, diplomas, and accreditations in the ECE field, she continues adding to her education with classes and training every year.

We welcome Ali as she joins MiT as our Director of Education.

Eric Winger

Introduction: Eric Winger is a noted Speech Teacher, Coach, and Engineer. He has been presenting and coaching for 8 years and has given hundreds of speeches, workshops, and presentations. Eric coaches students aged eight to eighty.

His speech teaching philosophy is that every student is a unique individual with special gifts to enhance and challenges to overcome. Eric understands that speaking is not something you can learn overnight; it takes instruction plus repeated practice to build effective habits which will result in confidence and improved communication skills. Perhaps most importantly, Eric's classes are fun!

- 2012 District 7 Toastmasters Humorous Speech Contest Champion
- 2014 District 7 Toastmasters Evaluation Contest Champion
- 2013/14 Herb C. Stude Award for Educational Excellence
- 2016 Distinguished Toastmaster

Coaching Experience:
- Little Toasties youth speaking club founder and head coach
- Four year coach at Future Stars Toastmasters - A youth speaking club
- 2016/17 PTO President / ACMA School Beaverton, Oregon
- Destination Imagination team manager for 5 elementary and middle school teams
- Long-time judge for speech contests as well as debate competitions
- Sponsor of two winning students in annual Pamplin Media Group's Amazing Kid Award

Teaching Course(s):
Elementary School Public Speaking 1
Middle School Public Speech 1
Middle School Public Speech 2
Advanced Public Speech

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