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Ali Wayne

Introduction: Ali Wayne is a career teacher who works with people of all ages to continue to learn and grow. With a start and extensive experience in early childhood education (ECE), her focus had been in helping people to reach their potential with continued education and support.

Ali believes that all children deserve the same opportunities to educate themselves and grow. The world depends on the generations of people younger than us. If we ignore them, they too will ignore us. If we teach them, they will learn to do better for themselves and the world around them.

Ali has worked in the ECE field collectively for 23 years. She brings with her the experiences of working with large corporations, non-profit childcare, and both public and private school systems. She uses this knowledge and experience to enhance the MiT schools education system and programs.

While Ali has received certificates, diplomas, and accreditations in the ECE field, she continues adding to her education with classes and training every year.

We welcome Ali as she joins MiT as our Director of Education.

Teaching Course(s):
The Magic of Movies - Field-trip: Children's Theater
Exotic Animals - Field-trip : The Oregon Zoo
Magic and the Circus - Field-trip: Guest performers
Water Works - Field-trip : Jackson Bottom wetlands
Water works - Field-trip : Water Park
Photosynthesis - Field-trip : Rose Garden
Photosynthesis - Field-trip : Japanese Garden
World Study Camp
Endless Summer - Field-trip : Oaks Park
After-School Program

About Us | Our Philosophy
Programs | Calendar | Teachers | Contact Us

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