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Limei Huang

Education: M.A. Early Childhood Education

Introduction: Limei Huang (Huang Laoshi) is an experienced educator. She has been working in the field of education for more than 17 years with various roles. She used to be a director for a child development center; she once served as the education services manager for centers, family child care program and home visiting program; she is also a PITC certified trainer for infant/toddler care. But her favorite role is being a teacher because she likes to explore and create together with students. She has taught in after school programs (2 years), child development programs (5 years) and Chinese immersion programs/elementary school (6 years). Limei's skills is an addition to our after school program. Her passion for and experience in Chinese language teaching will help to develop and enrich our Chinese programs.

Teaching Course(s):
Week 1: Drama
Week 2: Paper Making and Culture
Week 3: Cooking Camp I
Week 4: Shadow Puppetry
Week 5: Traditional Chinese Art and Crafts
Week 6: Cooking Camp II

About Us | Our Philosophy
Programs | Calendar | Teachers | Contact Us

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